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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 16, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> time for what i need to know for next week. tracy? >> we're while busting our butts to pay our taxes, our federal workers are not. there is $4 billion outstanding between federal workers, congressional staffers and white house employees. they should pay their bill. >> actually they should pay their bill. don't you think, jonathan? >> yes. this is animal farm once g. all the animals are equal exempt a few of those in washington, d.c.
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are more equal than all the rest. >> wayne, what's your pick for the week? >> before that, just so you got to remember something, there was timothy geithner who was the secretary of the treasury. he didn't pay his tax. he got caught on that. it's outrageous. my pick is, i'm not committing a lot of money to new -- new money to this market. i've got old money. i like it, look at shfl, a gaming stock. >> jonathan, yours? >> i saw a bunch of municipal bond funds hit 52-week lows this week. that's a canary in the coal mines for higher interest rates. this is 2001, 2002, but for higher rates, sag those up with interest rates, i hold it and i think it's good buy. >> thank you. gang. and remember, we're here to keep an eye on your cash and your taxes because the folks in dc ken on all your hard work. we'll be here week in and week out until they just stop. i'll be on twitter all week. be sure to tell me what you think about today's topics at
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ericboling hash tag "cashin' in." have a great weekend. everybody. hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly gill poil, dane -- gill fail. this is "the five" >> so far at cpac we heard from allen west who summarized the problems liberals have with race. >> i'm speaking from experience nothingell you there is on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black american who wants a better life a and a smaller government. >> here in south carolina senator tim scott who summarized why jobs beat the liberal bribe, ie, handouts. >> having a job isib a good thi. but t creating jobs is a far
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better thing. if you have an income, that's a good thing. but if you create a process, you can do the most amazing things. >> what do west and scott have in common? if you work at the "new york>> times," you probably call them tokens. that's what you say when you see black guy who doesn't act the way you want a black guy to act. you never say it to their faceit because someone like west would use you as a stepladder. they're republicans. the dr.s a have a pass. someone who lectures me on race every day once called me bull conner, who used fire hoses and attack dogs on blacks in the 1960s. my pal left out that the thug was a democrat. didn't fit the story. lot of stuff doesn't. the democrats supported slavery and opposed amendments to wipe it out and give blacks the right to vote. they. supported racist candidated, had a former
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clansman. the media rarely ever brings that up. or that republicans helped pass the 1964 civil rights act. how does the democratic party help blacks now. i will legitimacy is up now. knows democratic programs caused more damage than hurricanes sandra and katrina combined. mostbi black voters vote left. that's why they must be reminded of the abuse they've endured. they might not be in the back o. the bus, they're just under it. >> hard hitting. >> i want you to emphasize it was not me that said about bull conner. >> you called me bull connerot y twice. >> i did? >> yes. i didn't know who bull conner was. i confess. i go, wow. >> i apologize. >> he's a democrat.
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no, you were complimenting me, i think. you were saying that 'cause he's a democrat, right? >> okay. >> yeah. >> kg, what should conservative december to attract minority as soon as should they act likeha democrats and give away free stuff? , this they should be for education of children, not just chasing empty federal dollars that don't produce good results because they're more interested in keeping the union schools going, appeasing teachers. i would rather see us moved toward charter, voucher schools, thing like that. education is very important to all parents. but especially to try and attract children left behind, minority populations, inner cities that are failing behind because they're not provided the same opportunities of other children that are able to attend and go to private schools. so for p me, i think that woulde something that would work and help. >> bob, when something legitimately believes some programs don't work and say they don't work, must they be accused of being cold and callus? >> no. they don't. but let'ds keep in mind here,ob listen to scott and west and
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they gave good speeches and both said that the messages, inherent principles of the republican party, were best for minorities. my answer to that is, then take your message into those communities. the statistic, 48% of the public voted for republicans for the house of representatives. only 48%. yet they control 52% of theon house seats. because these seats can increasingly more might white and less andec less minority. and so the democrats are a grabbing them off when they can. >> you mean in the districts? >> the districts, right. the districts are. and so in a way, the problem iic think for the republicans isre they've got to get in and engage this if they think they got d something to sell. >> i think that's what they're doing, in a way. it takes time. but these two messengers are younger, very accomplished in military, one in business. but both willing to commit themselves to public service.
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what i like is the idea of the individualism that both of them basically have so grounded and theyca are so self confident tht i sometimes wonder, wow, i wish i was even more like that.e i think it's not just a messaget for african-americans. it's for all of us could learn from them. >> you're definitely an underachiever, dana. >> i am. i have very little>> self-confidence. >> she's only scratched the surface of what she can accomplish. >> i hear them speaking and it'r such -- you know that comes from their core. they cannot be anybody than who they are, which i love. >> what do you think, eric? >> i think we need to distinguish the difference betweene democrats and republicanism. they were not talking necessarily for these guys talked at cpac. i also think it's a little dangerous -- he's a good friend of mine, allen west. we e-mail and talk to eacho
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other. it's dangerous to bring up the race card in this setting because isn'tti that what they'e supposed to not be doing? isn't it supposed to be not color of your skin that matters? it matters the size of government, it matters what happens. >> tell it to a guy who has been called uncle tom, eric. >> my point is, allen west epitomizes everything that a t conservative is and has nothing to do with the color of his skin, for him to mention the color of his skin in his speech, he was really going after government and liberals and the size and growth in government spending, it kind of cheapens it, lowers the effect, at least for me. >> that's because he's self-tanned. you take sensitively. lead me to this next thought. allen west discussed discussed n greta last night. >> when you look at black americans americans who aret conservative, look how they were attacked,co michael, tim scott, condoleeza rice, any time you see people
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stand up and swim against the current, especially as a minorityes conservative, definitely black conservative, the other side comes at them viciously. >> can i just point something out? who cares? who cares what the other side does? >> you have to. >> no, you don't. >> screw the other side. >> in they call you a racist, you're supposed to say if they call you a tone, you're supposed to say okay? >> no. here is what i stand for action smaller government. i stand for less spending, keeping more of your own money and forget what color of my skin 'cause i don't care. >> i don't think he's talking about that. i think he's trying to talk about fighting the tactics that the left uses to marginalize blacks. you have t to -- you got to address that. you got to point it out to the young people that don't see what's beingyo done, what's beig manipulated. >> greg, with ted cruz, marco rubio, scott, on down the line, i think the young people will realize the republicans don't care about the color of your skin. >> however, i'm thinking, in some ways you could take the
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fight for gay marriage, if you look at somebody like ellen degeneres who decided that sheer was going to be courageous when she did the coming out on sitcom and then she has continued to talk about it and push that issue. she knows that when people go to talk to her, if she were to talk about like pick any other topic, they want to know, how will youp help us on gay marriage? it's like the elephant in the room. they are blackoo or hispanic. these two gentlemen that we'vee shown. if you look at rubio, cruz, everybody writes the story. when you pick a story up in the morning, it's going tohe refer o them being hispanic or black. so they just take it on rather than t ignoring it and say, all right. i'm going to embraceg it and tak about it because otherwise, on the conservative side, no one wants to talk about it at all and then beend up losing. i think we should win. >> i hate to give advice toto republicans or conservatives. >> they will not take it,i bob. >> i know they won't. but it would be something toco think about, which is that because the republican party has
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such good ties in the business community, if you want to make a statement in a minority m community, convince some of those businesses to open upce businesses in the minority i community. and begin to hire people. that will get some attention because right now, it is fixed in the minds of minorities thatl republicans and conservatives are out to get them. you can argue -- >> like the big banks? because all the big banks are run by liberals? wal-mart fromalng going into cities? it's not conservatives. it's liberals. >> you can argue that thels liberals do or don't do about this. i'm saying as a positive thing, it would be -- it would seem to make sense to get businesses opened up in minority communities and provide jobs. >> that's what i don't understand. like what businesses? if you take -- what would be some of the businesses you would want to go in? like wal-mart grocery stores? like, a home depot? well, those are businesses that they can do business where they
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can get a permit. that's the other thing. some of these businesses, yeah, they'd love to be able to build on a brown field. you can't get a permit. so theys go where the business will be the b best. big cityt imagine a all of whom are democrats, who would not want to have -- >> ant wal-mart? >> even a wal-mart. >> and get a tremendous amount -- >> white liberals. >> take, for example, federal express and dhl. if they decided to open upt transit points in minority communities, they provide a lot of jobs. there is just one thought. it just seems that you could talk about this all you want, but in the black community and frankly there has been very little to look at from republicans that have made their lives >> like no child left hyped, things like that, that address how government could actually do a better job to help their community? >> what i'm saying is they don't see that. >> right. that's why i think west and scott are doing the right thing by going out and talking about
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it full on and saying, you're going to look at me and i'm going to look different from a lot of other republicans you might know. but let me tell you why i am.t i think they're being very effective. >> i think it's good approach. i don't want to shy away from t. i'm puerto rican woman.pu >> really? >> that's the elephant in the room. i have no problem talking about it. i think it'sav goodbl to do thas do the kind of outreach and encourage minorities out there. encourage them to understand that they have principles and ideology that is actually really right on the mark for them in terms of the focus on family and religion and building communities and education. >> you got to take the message to them.ha >> well, look, that's what people get hired for.ha >> let's wrap this thing up. next up on "the five," a year ago he was vying to be the republican presidential nominee today at the annualy gathering, mitt romney off the recordri a a
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culpa and a little advice. >> as someone who just lost the last election, i'm probably not thte best person to chart the course for the next one. that being said, let me offer this advice. >> find out what he said next. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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♪ ♪ ♪ . all right. mitt romney returned to cpac and delivered his first major address since the election in november. he admitted his campaign had made mistakes and humbly said that the guy who lost the election should not necessarily be the one who should give advice. listen. st it's fashionable in some circles to be pessimistic about america, aboutis conservative solutions, about the republicant party. i utterly reject pessimism. [ applause ] we may not have carried on november 7, but we haven't lost
2:19 pm
the country we love and we have not lost our way. i'm sorry i won't be your president, but i will be your co-worker and i'll work shoulder to shoulder alongside you. >> kimberly, i don't know if you had a chance to see that earlier, but laws that he got from the room was interesting tp watch even on twitter because a lot of the reporters were saying, oh, my gosh, he's getting a great standing ovation. he's getting rousing applause and they seemed surprised. areis you? >> i'm not surprised. just the interviews he's beene sort of post mortem from the election. i love howen he took the blame n hison own shoulders. he kind of reminded me of georgh w. bush where he said look, it stops with me. anything that went wrong is because of our campaign. not because of this. i think that message is resonated, that this is a man that's a true leader, that genuinely wanted to serve. i think he couldte have made a g impact, especially when it comei
2:20 pm
to the economy and the fiscal crisis that we face. many people are having a -- >> i think the time had passed. i don't think t that mitt romne, maybe he would not have gotten, such a great reception in december. >> right. >> but here we are in march, the weather isin about to start getting better and people start to realize, wait. 2003 have a future as a party. they've had a pretty good cpac so far. do you think it was important for him to say i'm sorry, i will not be your president. thereby saying what he said, in an interview withd chris wallace on fox news sunday, he was not going to run again? >> i think that's pretty clear. it remind me actually when mondale, we lost 49 out of 50 states. we went before a very large liberal sort of group like cpac, but on the left. and i was terrified. thought we would get boo'd. he got a rousing essential. part of it is people don't wante to rub it in. the guy lost and there were romney supporters in l the room.
2:21 pm
but just think his concession speech. he is an extremely gracious man. i don't think you see this much in politics anymore. that personality in politics thatrs romney possesses isey something a lot more politicians could use more of. >> you remember the things you would say about him? >> but i said he gave a gracious concession. >> he said romney was gracious. he wasn't saying he was. >> got eric? any comments about romney? 'cause i have another question. >> i didn't find it was as rousing as some of the a other people did. >> a rousing? >> i didn't say d arousing. rowing. [ laughter ] >> it was a little boring. but that's me. >> okay. true. you, as i recall, you didn't think it was the best idea foras cpac to have him on? >> no. if they were going to eliminate chris christiec: for whatever reason that went on for what went on toward the electionim cycle and bob mcdonald, then i
2:22 pm
think they should have eliminated mitt romney from that.ey >> what? >> yeah. >> why? >> 'cause he doesn't represent conservatives. >> because cpac could be seen as like the turning point of like, okay. the pivot to -- >> i honestly think this cpac is the best cpac they've ever put on. >> i agree. >> i think it's a change of th . guard. i think it's out with the old, mccains and the -- don't take offense, about the bushes, the establishment, the b romneys. jeb bush is there. in with the rubios, cruzs, nikki haley, bobby jindal. >> i think out of respect, he was the nominee for the party. like it or not, he ran and he won the nomination. >> not for the cpac. >> i know that. >> i don't think anyone who won the straw poll went on to win. >> who won straw? >> i don't think anybody who won straw polll went on to win.
2:23 pm
>> romney won the strawg: poll. >> who won in iowa? >> i don't know. reagan and gw bush won the straw poll once. >> i don't remember in cpac. can i ask but rand paul? that was something a lot of people loved hishi sound bite. he said the gop of old has grown stale and moss covered. i don't think we need to name many names, do we. although i think we did.t our party is covered -- i could argue with him on the specifics. let's say from a message rhetorically, good in. >> he's not talking about the message. he's talking about the messengers. more specifically, he's talking about himself. he's really good at talking about himself. 'cause you don't know that he's talking about himself. it's like meki walking around going, god, tall people, they're so annoying. they go around vertical all the time. he's actually a saying, i'm tird of all these old people. it's time for people like me. that's whator he's saying. it'sha a good message. >> but his message is frankly
2:24 pm
counter to a lot of the conservatives in that room. he is much more of an isolationist. >> yes. much more of a social moderate. because he is a libertarian. so it does run against the grain of a lot of people in the room. >> that's a trick, right? how do you lead the big tent? and keep it together. >> that's the biggest question. >> i don't think he'll be able to lead theet big tent. people liked what he did when he got upim and did the whole w filibuster, but he's got some great speeches, a lot of enthusiasm. young people might like it. but when you check out theit detail, he runs counter to foreign policy opinions and ideology of the republican and conservative party because he's an isolationist. when you really get down to it,i he's not going to be someone who will represent the party. >> he's not his daddy's rand. >> nice. rand paul. ron paul. we got it. >> i thought, very quickly, conservatives are going to hateo this. but chris christie is h still te one guy, if you put him up against hillary clinton, he's
2:25 pm
probably the one guy who has the best chance. now, we're four years away. we're three years and ten months away. there is a lot ofs time for him -- >> but who is counting? >> i know you got your calendar. >> he's the guy that really kind of can bridge the gap between the far right conservatives and the moderates who -- >> or maybe he can run as a democrat and switch parties and> win? >> we have plenty of time to talk about it.ra three years and ten months. >> yea. >> ahead on "the five," never before seen video of jody arias. she was caught doing bizarre stuff. we'll have the tape for you when we come back back. ♪ ♪ dad, i'd put that down. ah.
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4g, huh? verizon 4g lte. 700 megahertz spectrum, end-to-end, pure lte build. moe most consistent speeds indoors or out. >> i'm rick folbaum. >> i'm arthel neville. cpac is announcing who the attendees want to see in the white house in 2016. it's happening now. let's take a listen. >> represents an organization that contributes so much to the movement. and i'm referring to the washington times. and i want you to join me giving a warm welcome to its present ceo, larry beasley. larry? [ applause ] >> thank you, al. it's an honor to be with you. we're very delighted to be a partner with not only cpac, but one american news corps, a network. now we want to know who is ready to hear the results of the straw
2:27 pm
poll. i know i am? [ cheering ] and on behalf of all of us at the washington times, congratulations on a wonderful conference this year. we're very excited to be the sponsor of the washington times cpac 2013 straw poll. so look for us on that's a place that you'll get educated to all of the conservative news. for decades the washington times and cpac have stood together. i can assure you we'll be here for decades to come as the partner for the conservative media. >> thank you. [ applause ] these are truly exciting times at the washington times, while other news organizations are cutting back, we're cutting a new template. one that transforms america's leading conservative newspaper to a world class digital first operation that upholds our 31-year legacy to boldly tell the other side of the story. you know, the side the
2:28 pm
mainstream media often doesn't tell you or report or deliberately chooses not to. and to do so with respect to our shared principles of freedom, family, faith and service, i think those words sound even better a little southern accent, don't you? [ applause ] >> so we're going to be waiting for the results. while we await for those results to be announced, let's let -- let me tell you who our producers there at cpac are saying who the front runners are. we're talking about senator rand paul, congressman paul ryan, former senator rick santorum. senator marco rubio, governor scott walker is there. and they were having some fun there this morning with the prayer breakfast there, dr. ben carson. he's a neurosurgeon. he's not a politician. >> not yet. >> but with a little manualic, i might be in the white house come 2016. but while we wait for the official announcement, let's go right to molly henneberg who is
2:29 pm
there live. molly? >> there is some 23 people on the ballot. so you have to put your preference down. when they start unveiling the results, they don't always start with the straw poll. so when you see the graphics go up behind me, sometimes they show the break down of who showed up to vote. they'll say how many men, how many women what, ages, then they get to the results. some years they start right with the straw poll. so we're anxious to see how it goes this time. 23 people on the ballot. you may remember jeb bush asked to be taken off the ballot. he says it's too early to be focusing on 2016. so his name was not on it. although there is a place where you can write in a name. so some people may decide to write in. mitt romney who won last year, his fourth win in the cpac straw poll. texas congressman ron paul won two years before that. there are often a loft college students at cpac and they are big ron paul fans. and sometimes they have a showing in the straw poll. only two winners of the
2:30 pm
presidential straw poll have gone on to become president of the united states. ronald reagan and george w. bush. we'll see where this group of conservatives, what they're feeling today, where they vote and who comes out on top in a few minutes. >> you mentioned the track record of this conference as far as predicting future presidents is not great. some of those in the past who have won the cpac straw poll, jack kemp was a three-time winner, phil gramm, steve forbes, gary bower, rudy guiliani, george allen and ron paul was a two-time winner. not a president among them on that bunch. i guess the question is, what's the significance of this announcement once we find out who the winner was? >> it sort of takes the temperature of this room some of the movers and shakers in the conservative movement. some of the opinion makers, a lot of tv and radio people opinion makers are out in the crowd. and they sort -- it sort of takes their temperature and what they're talking about on the
2:31 pm
street. there is a lot of time and distance between these events and actual people casting ballots in november, either the midterms or the presidential election. >> molly? >> yes? >> this is arrest they will. pardon the interruption. we just got word from our producers, rand paul has won the straw poll. coming in at second, marco rubio. so there you have it. rand paul, senator rand paul coming in first, the republican from kentucky, and senator marco rubio coming in at second place there at the straw poll at cpac. so what do you make of these results, molly? >> get prepared to hear a big round of applause when they hear senator rand paul. he's a big favorite here. he's so -- he got the crowd really fired up. they would be thrilled -- they will be thrilled to see him in the top spot. there is a lot of enthusiasm here for his filibuster recently. that got a lot of attention. and there are some fans of his here. and marco rubio, his name has
2:32 pm
come up a lot for presidential race in 2016, for him to come in second, that's going to boost credibility among conservatives. he needs that. he's well liked by conservatives. those two top tier names will be welcome news here as soon as it's announced. >> molly, as we know, i mentioned earlier that congressman paul ryan was on that ballot as well and there is some talk that perhaps his star that was rising so quickly at one point, perhaps isn't on that same extension, if you will. >> yeah, there is a lot of time between now and the presidential election. he's coming from a campaign that did not succeed. so maybe there is a feeling among these conservatives, a desire for new blood, someone else to run in 2016. but paul ryan is very much in contention, very well liked by republicans, forefront of a lot of economic and budget issues on capitol hill. to some controversy, he
2:33 pm
certainly still is among the top tier of candidates. but there is a lot of time. it a lot can change between now and then. >> how representative are those vote not guilty today's straw poll in terms of the republican party as a whole, the electorate as a whole? republicans out there in other parts of the country who may be looking for something different in a candidate. is there a way to sort of size up those who are voting at cpac versus those who will be electing candidates, republican candidates down the line? >> these are certainly highly motivated voters, likely voters. we won't know the breakdown of how they feel on issues and who they are until they show those on the graphics behind us. we'll get a better sense of who the electorate is. the people who decided to come to washington, or the area around washington and sign up for this conference and stay and hear two or three days of speakers, so they are very into the conservative movement and principles. republican principles. they badly want a win in the white house in 2016.
2:34 pm
so we'll have to wait until we see some of the breakdown of who the people say they are when they voted. that will come when they announce -- they're announcing some of them now. they're announcing how people who voted view the sequester and different issues like that. we'll get a sense when we see the whole packet passed out of what they think of advice issues and thousand -- various issues and how they describe themselves. >> someone who ran last year, newt gingrich, he is saying that, quote, we don't need new principles, but we do need lots of new ideas to implement those principles in the 21st century. it seems to be -- there still is that divide amongst the party in terms of old regime versus the new forward-thinking movement that is afoot there. what are you feeling in terms of if there is coming together or not? >> good question, arthel. there has been a lot of talk today at cpac about the republican establishment sort of against maybe a new movement or
2:35 pm
a new group of republicans. eventually they'll all come together under the same tent and support whoever the nominee is in 2016. between now and then, there likely will be more divisions between more conservative and more moderate republicans. and that's certainly here today. interesting you picked up on what newt gingrich is saying about republicans don't need to change their principles. conservatives don't need to change their principles on smaller government, lower taxes, equal opportunity. but they may need to get new ideas how to reach out to people and get their message across and convince people to come into the republican tent using social media, using new techniques, new people, new ways of reaching voters and convincing them with an argument that the republican principles and conservative principles are the way to expand growth and opportunity in the u.s. newt gingrich spoke a lot about that today. sarah palin did as well. former republican vice presidential candidate, sarah palin spoke today and she was not saying that the republican party should change, ann colter
2:36 pm
said stop panicking. you don't need to change hour. they need to change how they go about campaigning and winning elections. >> yeah. molly, i've got about another 45 seconds here, but tell me this: you mentioned social -- actually quickly, 30 seconds. social media, which means you're talking about young voters. do you feel those people in the room, do you feel they're excited about the future of the republican party? >> well, number of speakers today have said young people are excited about jobs. they want jobs. they need to pay their bills and that's the way to bring them in to the republican party. >> thank you, molly. and coming up any minute, junior senator ted cruz from texas. we'll bring that to you. five" want to e like mine because it's so safe, right? yeah... yeah... i know what you've heard -- iihs top safety pick for $159 a month -- but, i wish it was more dangerous, like a monster truck or dune buggy!
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riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. in honor of the sequester for each of you who went to dinner last night -- >> ted cruz with the keynote
2:41 pm
address. let's take look. >> i can tell you, i can see the looks of hunger and famine in your eyes. indeed, i don't know how you're possibly still able to stand on 97.6% of your dinner. and i'll always be haunted by the sight of newt gingrich's emaciated face. it's like anne hathaway in "les miserables". other than sequestration, not much is happening in washington. it's been pretty quiet. we did have a certain eminence breve of the republican party. described me and rand paul as whackoverts. when we first heard that, we
2:42 pm
thought it was a new kind of drone. but if standing for liberty and standing for the constitution makes you a whackabird, then can't me a proud whackabird. [ applause ] and i think there are more than a few other whackabirds gathered here today. you know, i'm going to tell you the biggest surprise since coming to wash washing, people ask, what's surprised you? the biggest surprise has been frankly the defeatist attitude among so many republicans who have been in washington a long time. i cannot tell you how many times people have wanted to pat me on the head and say, that's very
2:43 pm
nice. you can vote no and then we'll just lose. it is utterly maddening. so i'm going to tell awe dirty little secret that some in the mainstream media won't pass on to you. for the last three weeks, conservatives have been winning. [ applause ] and we're winning because of you. let me give you three specific examples in the last three weeks. couple of weeks ago i was honor to do join my friend, rand paul, as he stood for 13 hours on the floor of the senate. [ applause ] now, when rand started at 11:47 in the morning, there were more than a few senators -- republican senators who viewed what he was doing as odd and
2:44 pm
even quick sodded. he stood there alone and said, we are going to stand for liberty. we're going to stand for the constitution. we are going to stand until this administration acknowledges limits on its power. [ applause ] earlier that day, attorney general eric holder testified at a judiciary committee hearing and i asked him straight up the question, in your judgment, is it constitutional for the united states government to kill a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil if that individual doesn't pose an imminent threat? his answer was, he said, well, it wouldn't be appropriate. and my response was, general holder, i'm not asking for your views on propriety.
2:45 pm
you are the chief legal advisor for the united states of america. what is your view, the department justice has a view on whether the united states constitution has a position on killing americans on u.s. soil. three times he responded, it wouldn't be appropriate. it was almost as if he didn't understand the question. you know, maybe that says something about how the left views the constitution, in their mind, constitution and appropriate are one and the same. and so his answer -- i mean, he really expressed frustration. i told you, we're not going to do it. don't you trust me? [ laughter ] and the answer is exactly that, no, we don't trust you. and we don't trust the next guy or the next guy or the next guy, whether he's democrat or
2:46 pm
republican! [ applause ] james madison observed in the federalist papers, if men were angels, no government would be necessary. there are not a whole lot of angels in washington. and thomas jefferson explained the entire purpose of the constitution is to serve as chains to bind the mischief of government. [ applause ] when rand stood there alone, something incredible began to happen. first he received support, mike lee and i came early on to support him. then another senator, then another senator, then another senator, as the night drew on, we saw one after another after another. we saw 20 house members show up on the house floor of the
2:47 pm
senate. [ applause ] i didn't know they knew where the senate floor was! and something so powerful happened, which is each of you engaged. it captivated the country as the american people looked at suddenly elected leaders doing something we hadn't seen in a long time. standing for principle. [ applause ] now, that was actually the filibuster was the first time in my life that i've ever spoken on the floor of the senate. [ applause ] and so to my grave, i will owe rand paul a debt of gratitude. that's the first time i spoke on
2:48 pm
the senate. i had the opportunity to read travis' letter from the alamo. [ applause ] and it so happened the day of the filibuster was the 177th anniversary of the fall of the alamo. so i observed that if the heros, if william barrett travis and jim bowie were alive today, they would have been standing shoulder to shoulder with him on the floor of the senate. [ applause ] i got to read from shakespeare saint chrispin's day speech. and there were more than a few senators who were not there with us that night that have held their manhoods acheapened as a
2:49 pm
result. [ applause ] i got to read the opening monologue from the great movie "patton". cleaned up a little bit to make it suitable for television. and i got to read president ronald reagan's 1964 "time for choosing" speech. [ applause ] as they say in the beer commercial, it don't get no better than this. but a second example is sequestration. sequestration is actually gone into effect. the white house is astonished. all of us remember the president's scare america tour where he went all over the
2:50 pm
country talking about the dramatic consequences, you know, washington, d.c. is the only place on earth where the phrase, draconian 2% cuts can be utter uttered. you know, after a while, i think the president was self-parroting, as he described the consequences of a 2% cut and a 3 1/2 trillion dollars federal budget. it reminded me of, if you remember the scene from "gustbusters" -- ghostbusters," when bill murry is talking about the end of the world, cats and dogs living together! you know, i halfway expected to see the marshmallow man come walking out. [ applause ] but the white house was certain republicans were going to fold under and cave. and instead, we stood our ground and finally got at least the first small step -- and i
2:51 pm
underscore, it is a small step -- to reining in our uncontrollable spending and debt. [ applause ] and a third example, last week we voted on an amendment that i authored to repeal funding for obamacare. [ applause ] now, i'll confess a couple of weeks ago when i said initially i was going to offer this amendment, more than a few of my colleagues were not thrilled. and yet, we saw every single republican in the senate vote unanimously to defund obamacare.
2:52 pm
[ applause ] and the democrats all stood together and voted to keep imposing the economic costs, the harms as people are losing their insurance, as employees are being forced to reduce their hours, as insurance premiums are skyrocketing on young people, every democrat voted together to maintain obamacare funding even if it pushes us into a recession exactly right. [ applause ] but something that hasn't happened in a long time has happened. we're winning right now. so what i want to address with you this evening at the end of this fantastic conference, and boy, i do sure hope one of these days ann colter will return to speak her mind -- learn to speak her mind. if we could get her to come out of that shell, i have a feeling she would have some powerful things to say.
2:53 pm
but what i want to talk about today is the question, how do we keep winning? i'm going to suggest two very simple steps. number one, defend the constitution. [ applause ] number two, champion growth and opportunity. [ applause ] defend the constitution. liberty is under assault from every direction. some of y'all may have noticed the second amendment is in president obama and the senate democrats' crosshairs right now. but we all did receive helpful advice from joe biden. that if you have any threats at home, just go outside with a double barreled shotgun and fire
2:54 pm
in the air. which is very, very useful if it so happens you're being attacked by a flock of geese. [ laughter ] or, for that matter, a drone. [ laughter ] [ applause ] so maybe joe biden stumbled onto something after all. but you know, this past week we had a hearing in the senate judiciary committee where a senior democrat explained to me that questions about the constitution have no role in the u.s. senate. because, she explained, it's congress' job to pass laws. and then the supreme court
2:55 pm
interprets them and they can decide whether to throw them out or not. you know what? that statement is exactly the problem. [ applause ] that statement is reminisce entwhistle of nancy pelosi when she was --ent of nancy pelosi when she was asked what's the extent of oak obamacare and she was saying, are you serious? are you serious? look, there are a whole lot of politician, sadly democrats and republicans in washington who haven't looked at the constitution in a long, long time. and let me answer speaker pelosi, yes, we're serious. [ applause ] the second amendment provides the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be
2:56 pm
infringed. [ applause ] now, what part of shall not be infringed do they not understand? but it doesn't just end with the second amendment. the first amendment, the big target in congress. set aside their love for regulating campaign speech because it seems every campaign elected official hates, hates, hates when the people dare criticize them. know, tomorrow s day. [ applause ] my irish mother recently reminded me that it is more than a little ironic that the national party that was the first national party to nominate the first two major party candidates to be president is today fighting a war on
2:57 pm
religious liberty. it shows just how far we've gone to ask, what would a john f. kennedy or an al smith say to a democrat party that says to the catholic church, change your religious beliefs or we'll use our power at the federal government to shut down your charities and your hospitals. [ applause ] there was a time when standing for religious liberty enjoyed bipartisan support. we need to get back to that time. [ applause ] there is the fifth amendment which provides that none of us shall be denied life without due process of law, which somehow a drone from a sky hitting you in a cafe ain't my definition of due process of law.
2:58 pm
[ applause ] there is the fourth amendment that protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures, and i'll tell you right now, we need to repool the ndaa. [ cheers and applause ] -- repeal the ndaa because the federal government does not have the authority to indefinitely detain a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil without due process of law. [ applause ] there is the 10th amendment, something our omnipotent federal government seems to have forgotten all about. 10th amendment provides the power is not given to the federal government reserved to the state and to the people.
2:59 pm
[ applause ] how did we get a 16 1/2 trillion dollars national debt? we have a federal government that thinks they have the authority to regulate our toilet seats and our light bulbs. we need to get back to the constitution. [ applause ] article 6 of the constitution provides that the constitution shall be the supreme law of the land. there is an ongoing effort to undermine united states sovereignty. i'll tell you, before i was in the senate, i was in texas and we stood up to the world court and to the united nations -- [ applause ] -- and we stood up to the president of the united states who happed
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